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Today was my first day at highschool, I was so nervous because everything was new. New school, new teacher, new friends. But it was also something nice, I finished with my old school and now I will experience something new and I hope something nice. Teachers was really great, friends also, i already met my new best friend and also I had a crush on one girl, it was love at first sight. I was watched her all the time but also was careful not to see that im looking  her all the time. I was sitting behind her, few rows behind. In one moment he turned to me and she smiled to me, I was all red.

I did not have the courage to approach her. After a few weeks I decided to try something, to make that first step. I waited for end of classes and invite her to go with me in one park , because weather was so great and it was sunny. She accepted. After a while we was tired and we decided to rest a little bit on one bench. While we was her she pulled her cell phone and I noticed that she is playing some game. I saw that she are really enjoy playing that game.

I asked her to tell me what kind of game is that, she said, that new and very popular game called MovieStarPlanet. She started playing that game few days ago and she said that can’t stop. I wanted to hear more about MSP but she didn’t had time to tell me more, she had to go home because it was already late. I was escorted her to the house and she gave me a kiss, that was the best day in my life. When i came home I decided to find out something more about that game she like. So I did, I google for MSP, saw some videos on YouTube and I thought that I can also play that game. Game was social and she was already there, so I can chat with her there, maybe she will like me even more if become good in that game.

msp picture

MSP actually was pretty good game, you have your character and you can make your own styling. In the game you are a movie star and you can make your own movie, that was so great. You will met new friends and if they live near your home you can met them in real life. In MSP you can do so many things, you can go to the zoo, you can invite someone to your place or go shopping. But there was one thing that is not cool, without enough diamonds and starcoins you will not be able to provide all this stuff so fast, you have to wait for them to collect but that is a lot of time for waiting. Also you can buy them for real money. Buy if you want to have diamonds, starcoins and VIP without giving any money then you should use MovieStarPlanet hack that will provide you a lot of diamonds, starcoins and VIP! I was found this MSP cheat on some forum, i already try to use him and it’s working. You dont have to download anything adn it’s absolutely free and protected, no one will know that you are cheating. I am sure that with this website you will finally be able to learn how to hack on msp game!

Why You Should Be Playing ‘Clash Royale’

There are things about mobile games that rub people the wrong way. They rely on micro transactions for income, they’re hampered by time gates, they’re a grind, etc. I get that. It’s for those reasons people might not give supercell Clash of Clans a chance, and it’s for those reasons people might decide to skip the developer’s new game, Clash Royale. And that would be a shame. Because Clash Royale is a fresh, tense and meticulously constructed game. It’s worth your time. On a gameplay level, Clash Royale is sort of like a combination of a competitive RTS with tower defense. Each player has three towers: one king tower and two smaller towers on either side. You have a deck of cards stacked with different units and spells, all of which require elixir to activate. The more elixir, the more powerful the card. Elixir fills slowly throughout the match, and you deploy your units in an effort to outfox your opponent and destroy his or her towers.


Most important about this change is that it’s no longer asynchronous: Clash of Clans had you attacking a computer-controlled base set up by a human player, but Clash Royale is two players head to head, battling it out. There’s an unpredictability that comes with a human opponent that can’t be beat. I’ve had matches swing wildly between locks and upsets, I’ve pulled victory from the jaws of defeat, I’ve been taken down by players with cards several levels below. Then after a while I have discovered this super free hacking software that gives me chests, gems and lots of gold so I can advance in this game and now I am one of the best players out there with the help of online generator software.


It’s a smart game, and it’s a tough game: there’s the real sense that the right strategy can topple any player, and there’s satisfaction even in being outsmarted by a talented opponent. It’s worth a play for anyone who likes tactics and strategy, and it’s fun to get such deep gameplay on the small screen. But don’t forget to download this hacking tool to get lots of free gems and more because this online generator helped me a lot when I have started playing this game.  My biggest complaint so far would be the time gates. I have nothing against the concept, but supercell severely limits the amount of progress you can make in a given day. There needs to be a way to earn some sort of currency, however small, by just sort of idly grinding out battles. Otherwise you’re basically discouraged from playing the game, and that’s never a good place to be. But put it all together this game is great, amazing game play and lots of features. Clash Royale Hack will allow you to get all In-App purchases for free. To hack Clash Royale just type your nick name and select what resources you want to hack. It is really simple to use and the best of all these Cheats for Clash Royale works on all iOS and Android devices.

Be the master of your own world in this new game


Ourworld is the game of life where you can be what you want to be. You can choose your new avatar and play a number of games, participate in competitions and other social activities of your choice.

Digital game for all

The digital world is full of possibilities for all kinds of people. If you are a loner you can choose not to interact with anyone, keep to yourself, do lone activities in your digital house and be yourself with yourself. Whereas if you are a very social person there are fair chances that you can even compete to become the mayor of your own digital corner. The more you interact with people the more are the chances that you will be able to gain that position. But, one thing that is important if you want to gain new heights in the digital world of gaming is by having a great number of ourworld gems. If you are able to lay your hands on large number of ourworld gems you will not have to stop for anything. Gems are an important aspect of the game and opens doors to a lot of possibilities in the game. You could become a part of many more fun and exciting things in the game if you have a lot many spare gems.

To get access to these gems you will need to do two things:

1) Play the game continuously for very long period of time. This may sound easy but is not feasible because a person also needs to do other stuff in life like going for their work, eating, sleeping and doing other things in their spare time. If you continuously keep playing ourworld when you will get the time to do all other important job of life?

2) Ourworld understands the importance of real world responsibilities but still wants to keep the excitement of the digital world alive in your life and this is taken care of by the ourworld hack. This hack gives you an opportunity to gather as many gems you want and that too as many times you want them.

If you do not opt for the ourworld gem cheat it is a possibility that you will have to remain at level for too long just for the fact that flow and the points are the only methods that can take you to levels where lots and lots of fun is locked. Flow is easier to achieve as you just need to do some activity with your condo in the digital world in the same way as you do in the real world like talking, walking, dancing, etc. These activities get you flow but for the points you need gems and coins for which ourworld cheats are an easy way out. These provide you with ourworld gem codes which when applied give you access to an unlimited supply of gems and you could generate these ourworld codes for as many times as you want. There is no limit to anything in the digital world of ourworld.